Ethan Allen...

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...totally stole my wallpaper :) A friend told me that she saw my black & white damask wallpaper on an Ethan Allen commercial, and I finally saw the commercial tonight. If you go to the main page of the website you can see the wallpaper in the background -

Or, if you go to this link - - and click on "see our new modern living ad" (on the left-hand side), then click the picture on the girl sitting in the tiger-print chair, you can watch the whole commercial.

Who would have thought I'd be a few months ahead of Ethan Allen! Guess my design instincts aren't too shabby :) (see Dad...I knew what I was talking about - the wallpaper is totally in style!)


lindsay said...

I like how you used yours. Much better than that Ethan guy.

Candy said...

you are such a trend setter!